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Jun 27, 2021

ALOHANET was a wireless networking project started at the University of Hawaii in 1968. Initially, it had relatively little to do with ARPANET. But that relative isolation didn't last for long. As the two networks matured and connected together we start to see the first vision of a modern Internet. That alone is interesting, but what brings this story to the next level is the protocol developed for ALOHANET. Ya see, in this wireless network data delivery wasn't guaranteed. Everyone user shared a single radio channel, and terminals could talk over each other. So how did ALOHANET even function? 

Selected sources used in this episode: - The initial 1970 ALOHANET report - Summary paper by Kuo, contains a map of ALOHANET - Khan's 1973 PRNET paper - 1985 wrap-up of ALOHANET, by Abramson

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